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1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-10-25 07:21 ID:11U0pj8g

goddamn /love/

what's happening to me?

Last week I joined a friend of mine with his friends-group. I didn't knew anyone else except him.
in that group I met a very nice girl..
we talked a bit, but after a while she started serious flirting. I didn't knew what to think and removed myself a bit from her. talked a bit more with others. I think she was really nice and stuff but was confused at first. after some hours I started flirting back because I was getting interested in her.
this kept on continuing untill she had to leave.

the next day, I talked to her again on MSN, and well, we had a looongg conversation about all kind of things. Also I was getting a clearer impression she really liked me. and in facht, I didn't sleeped the night before and after because I had to think of her..

I did knew what happened to me, I was falling in love.. it might be strange to fall in love with someone in 1 - 2 days but it happened..

exactly one day later, she told me she's gotten herself a boyfriend.. like WTF!? >.<

She instantly stopped flirting..

I;m more confused than ever. What's up with these kind of girls? What does she wants to reach? Should I give up on her? I normally do not give up fast. and I even feel to make her dump her BF for me.. I just need some clear honest opinions which I know I can find here :-)

just ask questions about the matter if you don't have a clear picture yet.

anonymous XD