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Dating Websites (10)

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-11-08 10:25 ID:oKRqtOnp

Usually, girls on the internet dating sites- if they're anything presentable, they're just waiting to be hit up for sex. The comparable-to-gruel ones that will never get married are the ones on there that want relationships, and if you have standards whatsoever, I don't see you sending messages to those ones.

If you don't have any social connections and loathe group activities, it'd probably not be a good idea to try to get a girlfriend right now anyways. I know I wouldn't want to date a guy who doesn't have social connections- past the first few months of dating, the girls want to see that you have friends, a social circle, etc. That you're actually doing something with yourself. If you're persuing a relationship- what's the point if you have nothing else to give but yourself, as shallow as that sounds. I mean, having a boyfriend is cute for awhile; but usually it inclines into a "Well, what are the pros of this guy? Should I stick around, or is he basically a blip on everyone's radar?". I mean, not to say you don't have deep pockets, a cute face, or a big shlong, but meh. That usually goes hand in hand with the no social connections and loathing.

Again, even the loathing group activities part is kind of unattractive. If you don't want to do something as simple as a group activity- what else are you not going to want to do?

Hopefully you don't have that shit on your dating profileee~

Pretend you're accomplished personally and socially, it'll make you alot more attractive when people assume you can actually hold a conversation.