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Girl problems, o gawd please halp (16)

1 Name: tabarnak : 2007-11-07 01:07 ID:KEl52US+

It seems that whenever I talk to girls they just find a way to leave as fast as possible in order to end the conversation. I literally only have time to say about 3 words before they find some excuse to leave. Another that bothers me is the fact that all the girls seem to like the low-life, low-achiever types. The type that does jackshit in school and spends all their time skateboarding or some shit like that. I bust my ass to get good grades and I work hard, yet all the lazy shits are getting GFs. I'm 17, btw.

Every girl in my small school pretty much thinks I'm a loser now because I don't drink myself into oblivion every weekend. Are there some places where I can meet new, semi-intelligent girls in a relaxed setting? I picked up skiing last year and I'm thinking that I'll be able to meet some whenever I go to the local ski hill, but I'm worried this will fail because of my shitty-ass social skills.

Halp me please?