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Girl problems, o gawd please halp (16)

15 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-11-27 10:34 ID:EaCt/Hah

Try to find some common ground when you talk to a girl. Like maybe for example, if you're in class one day, and the teach is being a complete ass, and about everyone feels the same way, use it as a conversation starter. "ugh, this class blows" "yeah i know" blah blah blah. Think of it like, playing "Questions" but instead try to veer it towards a great direction. Plus, confidence is key. If you can't work the nerve to have a level head for a conversation with a girl, then well you'll be left in the dust. And plus, you shouldnt judge people by who they go for or what they think, everyone has their own story. Maybe money, familial, or peer issues, you never know. I knew a couple women back in high school that were just like what you explained, but behind all that, theyre actually good people, just the wrong influences @ the time. And think about why they go for the "skateboarder" or the "dancer," probably the skill they have or the charisma that they portray. I know a bunch of skaters from my high school that got into college off the bat, so theyre not all that bad. Think about it this way, if you have the qualities of both worlds, as in yours and that of the "skateboarder" then wouldnt you have a better chance then just the "skateboarder"?

Theres plenty of women out there in the world. If you find one that fits your fancy, go for it! dont hold back at all, I mean well, its worked for me so far through my life =]