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He puts the "pathetic" in "apathetic". (20)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-11-20 09:07 ID:zwoQtwLj

Tonight, I crawled into bed with my boyfriend at 8:00pm. Nothing kinky, unfortunately. He was just depressed. For no reason.

Yet another beautiful evening wasted because he wanted to curl up in a ball.

Every night of every week I come home from work at about 3-4pm, he's checking things on his laptop or computer, so I do the same to "join in", then it's TV, dinner. Then laptops again. Then bed.

It's frustrating me. He does not want to do anything else. Every second night he curls up in his comfortable depression ball. He gets enough hours in his unemployed day to do it. Not on my time, damnit. It's no good for our health.

I make suggestions and think of ideas for things to do, but it gets him even more "meh" and he collapses in a pile of "Oh, it's all too hard."

"Hey, let's go for a walk. The sun doesn't set until just before 9 tonight."
"Oh, but OP... pout. I've gotta check my Urban Dead game for... 3 hours."

I mean, I'm most likely pissing him off by nagging him to get out and do more stuff, but, goddamn... I've gotta get him moving, and get his mental health up. Depression is too comfortable and easy for him. How can I compete with that?