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He puts the "pathetic" in "apathetic". (20)

14 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-11-22 00:05 ID:tsKOjFTY

> my boyfriend
> I've gotta get him moving, and get his mental health up.

I admire your compassion, but that's not your responsibility. It's officially his doctor/therapist/counselor's job, but in reality the burden is unfortunately on him to get better. The collapse of the survival instinct is what makes depression so emotionally crippling.

If he's not on meds or some other treatment, he might need to be.
If he's on meds and they're not working, he needs them changed.
If he's on meds and they are working, then he most likely refuses to make the necessary changes in his life in order to become reasonably stable and self-reliant.

No one can force a person to change if that person does not have the base desire to change themselves.