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He puts the "pathetic" in "apathetic". (20)

18 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-11-22 19:58 ID:vcW5CvzR

>>17 - we aren't. Trust me on this.

But I've just been in the same kind of situation. I think you really need to have a long talk to him about all this, even if you end up yelling. Hey, it may help to get the message across.

I wouldn't advise breaking up, but you do have to think of yourself, too. I stayed with my boyfriend in the end we did break up, but because I'd been throwing so much effort into helping him and due to how much of an effect his depression had on me, I ended up depressed. And I'd been so focused on him that I hadn't even made a move to help myself. So help him and keep trying, sure, but just be a bit selfish.