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Wanting a sex change... (10)

10 Name: Secret Admirer : 2007-12-10 14:38 ID:6oaARTKC

Oh nooo....
What are you thinking? Your personality isn't restricted by your physical appearance??? What nonesense! Your body is as much a part of you as your personality. If you want to change something, you could as well change your personality, but that would also be wrong, right?

But as hinted to elsewhere in this thread, a personality sways fourth and hither throughout a persons life, and you will always find need to adjust yourself to new circumstances. However, changing your gender is permanent and can never fully be reversed. And you will still never be fully a man, just as you can never return to be a fully functioning woman, after such a surgery. You should never take such a step based on something as fluctuating as emotions and thoughts.

You should instead embrace the way you look as well as how you are. You don't need to give a fuck about regular conventions. You will always be a captor of opinions and ideas, others and your own, if you change yourself only to fit the mold. You will only be free once you come to terms with what you are.