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I need some respect (4)

1 Name: Dalmatiannn : 2007-12-26 08:37 ID:YuMCtA16

THE SITTUATION: there is a guy.
He is agressive and gets angry, but at the same time he is extremely soft, caring and protective of me.
The main issue is that we are both agressive and big headed, so arguments become more frequent over pitty situations because no one wants to loose and we both persist, ive now learnt to stand down alot more than i used to, too help keep peace.
He is more easily aggitated than i am but its the times when he holds me that keep me around, considering %80 of the time we are all smiles!
My mom loves him and thinks he is great, but i HATE confronting him, even when he is wrong.
HE WOULD NEVER HIT ME (so dont worry about that)
but i really need, or would like, some advice on how to confront him or speak up (from a guys point of view) WITHOUT him puffing up and cracking the shits at me.
How do i say it the right way?