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my boyfriend rapes me (59)

15 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-01-06 02:56 ID:Ne6NbHL+

I bet it occurs pretty often, in many relationships, where one part has some problem with sexual relation or their actual partner, while the partner in turn has a high need of sexual stimulation and low self-control.

People who can't deal with sex on a regular basis should stay the fuck out of relationships, or at least find a partner who doesn't have a strong sex-drive.

I'd blame both of you equally for this bullshit if I was trying to be politically correct, but in fact I think you're the problem here not your boyfriend.

What's the deal here? What is your problem? He doesn't even fuck you, and when he does this, it's still so distressing for him that he breaks down, which shows that he was acting out of control. This in turn indicates he was acting from emotional frustration.
You're starving your boyfriend for his needs, and you want to act like he's doing something wrong?

Like someone else said, grow the fuck up. I can't blame your boyfriend, I actually feel sorry for him. When people are denied their needs, they get fucked up. Either you leave him or you give him what he needs, before he turns into something ugly. Because this is what relationships are about, tending to eachothers needs for closeness, comfort and S E X.
In a normal relationship you can't leave ANY of it out. YOU CAN'T.