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my boyfriend rapes me (59)

24 Name: alot of rapists here : 2008-01-08 00:55 ID:7mnFt0+u

OP I'm sorry about what happened to you. If you feel like your bf has disrespected you or violated you in any way then you need to leave this faggot bitch immediately.

If you said no then he should've respected that and stopped.
Then you said you cried. He should've stopped when you cried. Please leave him now. He has no respect for you and doesn't bother to seek your consent.

I also said no. I said no, stop touching me like over 500 times repeatedly. I struggled but he was too agressive and he just kept laughing at me.

It's not really the best site to post this kind of problem since it's full of like perverts,rapists,pedos and other such scum.
We live in a pro rape society. Victims blames themselves, society blames them, the rapists blame the victims.

actually rapists do cry and apologise.
There are many rapists who try to cover themselves up or come up with pathetic excuses etc. & IMO most ppl r secretly