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my boyfriend rapes me (59)

36 Name: pathetic : 2008-01-08 19:42 ID:ehUZ9yY9

Really, I wish I'd never talk to you people.
Some of you get that rapists do say sorry, some of you understand that as much as things hurt its easier just to ignore it when its done by someone you love.

The rest of you, yeah, some have good points. it ISNT fair the way guys are always seen as guilty when a woman shouts 'rape'. some girls do just say 'tehee, no silly' in some sick fantasy.
But i am not that.

The majority of you have been closed minded bastards.

And, for the record, we weren't discussing my private life or agendas or how women are all whoreish snakes. We were talking about how common you think rape in relationships is. From what I've seen here I'd reckon it's very common, 'cause it's just getting 'payback' for your loyalty or whatever the fuck else. Right.