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my boyfriend rapes me (59)

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-01-05 19:43 ID:KyUtG9fc


A) If it upset you in the way that rape is really upsetting to the women I know who have actually been raped, you wouldn't be in a long term relationship with this dude. It's not rape just because you have ambiguous feelings about it. It's rape if you really don't want it, and he does it against your wishes. What you describe is teen-angsty cock tease shit.

B) No, it's not "full rape", it's what they call MOLESTING.

C) Bollocks. You'd be a freaked out moron to love someone who disregarded you so much as to surprise sex you. Most of what young people call love is HORMONAL CONFUSION. You're scared and confused. That is all there is to it. And to make matters worse, you apparently have a communication issue with your boyfriend. Adult shit requires adult acting, which means honest communication. He wants to sex you, and you keep saying "maybe, no wait, no". That is dishonest, and you don't do that to someone you truly love.

D) You're scared because you know I'm right. You know he's not "raping" you. You know you're just a confused chick who doesn't know what she wants. Quit using the word "rape" when it clearly doesn't apply, for that is some serious shit to level at a dude.