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my boyfriend rapes me (59)

40 Name: Hitler : 2008-01-08 23:16 ID:NgbqEoh5

Bah. Most sexual abuse type stuff occurs with people you already have a connection with. Not strangers hiding in boxes. It can be confusing when the perputrator attempts to camouflage abuse by saying it was an act of 'love', or that they were just messing around and that you really wanted it blabla to try and get away with it.

When it is stranger rape, you are more apt to feel frightened and intimidated like you're going to die but when it's by someone you know, it's harder and you may feel confused and have ambivalent emotions towards the person.

Sexual abuse doesn't require extreme sadistic violence like some people may think. It is said that rape is not about sex but is used as a tool for power and if sex can be used as a weapon then status of trust can also be used to cover it up anyhoo.. meh bagels and muh shoos.