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my boyfriend rapes me (59)

47 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-01-11 11:07 ID:kvzaG2uY

If we were to agree with anything in this bullshit thread, we first need to know more about the circumstances and the people involved.

If any of this is supposed to tell anyone that the girl is the victim and the guy is an asshole, and that there is justification for the girl to take distance and the guy to back off, we also need to know more about why this is happening.

The advice from guys like >>41 are only valid under certain circumstances, and what little we know does not certify that this case is of such a nature.

From what little we have seen, we have a frustrated guy and an emotionally awkward girl. Obviously problems will come out of such a relationship for both of them. And saying that the pain one of them causes the other is worse, and that the shortcomings of the other is more understandable, is just bullshit partiality.

Giving anything apart from very ambiguous advice and remarks at this point just suggests that the ones providing anything else have strong personal bias, and are answering with these in mind rather than the sparse information we have about the actual case.

If this is indeed some kind of research on the part of OP, this person fucking fails at scientific method, and whatever conclusions he/she might have arrived at should simply be written off.