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Barren Bisexual (5)

1 Name: girl : 2008-01-30 22:23 ID:ULN9VvcM

I posted, and then thought about it too hard.

I know I'm into girls, I think about them, I look at them- blah blah. I want some pussy. Never been with one though.

Lesbians? How did you meet your hookups? How did you know they were into you/gay?

I always want to tell myself it's just like any other relationship between a man/woman- super easy to find. But, apparently it's not since I find myself void of any pussy, and having an over abundance of weiner piled on me. Is there like some kind of secret handshake or some shit?

Like, there's no way I can have the excuse that WOMEN ARE TOTALLY INDECIPHERABLE. Since I'm obviously a girl, and I should really know these things- but I totally don't. I feel really clueless. I've never really had many female friends- and the female friends I did have, I ended up making unconcious moves on them (like, flirting with them and not realizing it) and messing it up (by making them feel weirded out, apparently).

Well, There was maybe one girl who I COULD TELL was totally into me, since she painfully obviously undressed me with her eyes every single day I was around her; but I wasn't so much into her. Talked to her alot, we were into the same things- but idk. Maybe it's just my inability to talk to females?

How am I ever going to know if I like relationships with girls or not, romance? y_y

Really, just a rambling post.

tl;dr: I'm a girl, so how do I get pussy?