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love? help out, plz. (17)

9 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-02-05 06:29 ID:7YMuE+gY

thanks guys.
i never finished the post.
here it is, in its entirety. go ahead and insult, if you feel the need.
it amuses me.

first offs, we went and got food, walked alot,
then came back, watched a strenuous movie. ick.
but then,
we went to my room, talked boatloads,
then lied down and snuggled.
do you guys feel me melt?
this was . . .
alot more then last time.
basically, we were as close to each other as possible.
his arms were completely wrapped around me,
my hand was in his hair, and the other one on his back.
for a little bit,
our noses were touching.

he would keep pulling me closer, had his hand on my hipbone(bare skin!)
sometimes just flat on my stomach.
once in a while, his hand would come up to stroke my hair.
my leg was between his, his leg between mine.
and then his nose would skim my face,
i felt him softly push his hips against mine.

all of this while we were just talking.
eskimo kisses,
they make my pulse thunder up and down a crooked alleyway.

so guys.
how about this one?
what. does. it. all. mean.