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Mysterious Email, possible secrets!? What do I do?! (17)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-02-19 07:01 ID:YXFG/Gfh

I have a girlfriend I love more than anything. We have an amazing relationship together, and have been together about 2 years. We have many plans and are planning on getting married sometime soon.


recently...she asked me to check her mail for her. So I did. I did happen to glance at this one message in her inbox entitled "No Subject" that was from a guy.
Now, I am far from the jealous type, but I know all her friends, and I never heard of this Mysterious Guy's name before! So I...clicked it! ...the first thing I seen...was a message that said,

"Hugs and Kissez"!!! With little hearts and things around it.
Some guy sent her this for Valentines day!

But here is the worst part. She just kinda brushes it off like its first she seemed offended by the guy, but now tonight when we talked, she acts like its no big deal! She even tried to blame it on an accidental message from someone else...

I don't understand. What should I do? I can't get mad at her, but I am kind of hurt feeling because she can't understand why I am annoyed about someone sending her a message that says "Hugs and Kissez"...

I need some help here....