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Attractiveness and Turn-Offs (16)

1 Name: SpireAtlanta!SGRPrwhmGE!!DwFbhmLv : 2008-03-01 19:28 ID:7izlF6tV

So I've been pondering about making this topic for awhile, and after seeing some of the responses in the First Time thread and the success of the /pers/ Self Improvement thread ( ), I thought that there was sufficient justification.

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2 Name: SpireAtlanta!SGRPrwhmGE!!DwFbhmLv : 2008-03-01 19:39 ID:7izlF6tV

On the positive side, I've been told that I have incredible eyes (Though my eyesight is poor. I'll certainly need contacts or glasses in the not so distant future), that my lips are great (the lower one is slightly plump, possibly due to the overbite), that I have an incredible intelligence and ability to gather the meaning of what others are saying, and that when I let loose I can be really fun to hang out with.

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3 Name: da PG king : 2008-03-01 21:54 ID:oFBuEBkw

I have a big dick.

4 Name: SpireAtlanta!SGRPrwhmGE!!DwFbhmLv : 2008-03-01 23:27 ID:Heaven

>>3 Simply because it's all you think with doesn't mean that it's large. Also, read a book.

5 Name: da PG king : 2008-03-02 02:56 ID:oFBuEBkw

I can read, my most recent book/play is Julius Caesar. Bite ME!

0 0

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6 Name: da PG king : 2008-03-02 02:56 ID:oFBuEBkw

damn, that didnt come out right...

7 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-03-02 03:08 ID:B5KKAFOX

I'm actually very handsome, the outside is perfectly's what's in the inside.

>>6 lol

8 Name: da PG king : 2008-03-02 03:13 ID:oFBuEBkw

It was supposed to be a picture of a person eating me...

9 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-03-03 00:16 ID:hEQcFzsn

Being told you have an incredible intelligence means nothing, because whoever uses such distasteful combinations of words like that is most likely average. (If you couldn't tell, my arrogance)

10 Name: da PG king : 2008-03-03 00:20 ID:oFBuEBkw

I got way smarts. I just use it to make myself fortunate, no matter how much chaos it brings.

11 Name: SpireAtlanta!SGRPrwhmGE!!DwFbhmLv : 2008-03-03 01:56 ID:7izlF6tV

>>10 Is a retard who thinks the world revolves around him.

>>9 Agreed, but I take as something actually meaningful because I do have talent with retention and interpretation.

12 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-03-03 02:16 ID:hEQcFzsn


Wouldn't doubt it either.

13 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-03-04 10:07 ID:96ITIn2i

If OCD is causing you to worry about things like your hands and gelling your hair, why don't you get help to overcome it? Same for if you don't like being sweaty - if you dfon't want to be skinny you need to do weight training and eat lots. As for things like your nose not being straight, that really doesn't matter. Same for traces of acne.

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14 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-03-04 16:58 ID:7izlF6tV

>>13 The last part was especially helpful. Thanks for that. As for the OCD thing, OCD isn't something that one simply eliminates. I've been able to reduce my obsessive and anxiety levels significantly, but they're likely to never disappear. One can only hope that they will. If I find the time to see a psychologist, I'll see what can be done with CBT. I don't think medication is necessary, and therefore it would likely be detrimental.

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15 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-03-04 18:50 ID:Heaven

>>13 Guy or girl?

16 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-03-04 20:51 ID:Heaven