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Appealing flaws (39)

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-03-10 02:39 ID:Heaven

Well, since you asked...

-needy for attention
I act like I'm fine alone, but I love having company.

I'll google your name/screen name/address late at night!

-totally fucking jealous
Very easily v_v

-very shy, blushes easily
I don't do very well with social situations ;_;

-dreamy, spaces out
My mind does wander often.

Haha oh yeah. I can maybe keep my stuff neat for about a week at a time

-poor eyesight ... ugly glasses
I can't see ANYTHING at a distance without my glasses. Speaking of which, these are a bit big for my face and sit unevenly. Classic nerd glasses. Thick black rims.

Five feet on the button~! I never really viewed that as a 'flaw' though.

-mild acne problem
I don't have perfect skin (I get a pimple and whatnot here and there) but I don't know how intense you consider mild.

-skew teeth
My bottom row. And I have a slight overbite.

-impossibly messy hair, ideally it should stand every which way in the mornings
I have very curly hair naturally, though I do take care of it I generally don't know what to do with it so it doesn't look /styled/

-sloppy dresser
I wear a uniform for school, though.

-too skinny or a bit chubby, either one is fine
I've always been chubby, though I think proportioned pretty nicely. I don't intend to change this either.

-conscious about her physical flaws
Depends on the situation... I'm not self-concious all the time, though I do know in the back of my mind.

-stupid humor, laughs at random things and gets embarassed
._. Most people end up confused at my humor, too.

-mostly doesn't get my jokes

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