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I like him, but... (28)

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-03-13 01:47 ID:KWktlMlE

Don't give up just because of one weekend. That's like spreading peanut butter on your bread but then realizing there's no jelly, so you just throw it away. No, eat the mother fucking peanut butter sandwich, you can buy some more jelly at the store anyway so it doesn't even matter what matters is the present gift permeating like rain through a thin umbrella one with holes you got it for too cheap from a street vendor, and so it does little good, but you keep carrying it around during rainstorms just because of the way it makes you look and the way it makes you feel. Like a cat's toes or a wooden towel rack.

My girlfriend and I were both young and extremely socially awkward when we hooked up, but we did it. You can support each other, and learn how to function in society together. That's 4-ch for you, platitudes and encouragement, but that's what you need; that's what you want. The simpler advice is, the more appealing and effective; everybody loves a guru that gives advice that is easy to follow; in any case the actual results are less important than the process. The journey counts, the epilogue 'happily ever after' is uninteresting and trite; don't focus on your lack of parachute and the impact on the ground, but enjoy the trip down, take in the scenery, experience what life is like inside a cloud, then you can be happy before you smash into the ground at terminal velocity and die.