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just broke up (6)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-04-01 16:05 ID:SNl7+MDs

tips for getting over her asap? besides going on a rebound/one night stand.

2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-04-01 16:34 ID:/qIykTkY

Fucking feel IT and time handle the rest.

3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-04-01 17:00 ID:YLwIMxzg

barrel roll

4 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-04-03 02:24 ID:Q8aN88Nw

sports? if you really liked/loved your gf, then I would assume that it should take some time to get over her. Don't think it's best to get over someone so impt to you asap. It's natural to feel this way. Don't find a replacement. Enjoy life being single again! :D

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-04-03 16:37 ID:yerWtdTa

Indeed, enjoy your single status as long as you can, there are many things that once you're tied down (like me) that you'll miss and take for granted before dating again. I still love her and prefer being with her, but some things I do can never be done again without something new and fun to get over her, thats how I met my lastest girlfriend.

6 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-04-03 17:05 ID:cPbSP9R3

I advise a rebound relationship or one night stand