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Nothing's happening (20)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-04-04 20:52 ID:rd1U+CA8

Dear 4-ch.
I got a problem with love. I don't get any.
I'll try to be rational about it. Since a year and some more, I've been going through a big change in looks. I got a nice haircut, cool clothes, and I've even been working out (though I'm more like the skinny guy). I've also gone through an update in personality. Instead of being shy and scared to talk with girls, I've becomen a bit more outgoing and I'm talking a lot more with girls. Don't worry, I'm still the nice guy, though a tease where it counts. I probably appear relaxed, funny at times. Maybe a bit shy.

So what's this guy doing on 4-ch? I'll tell you: I'm on the verge of a depression. I want love but I can't see it. I tried my best way too long. I'm exhausted.