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18 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-04-07 03:31 ID:Pt/VReJV

And about your shyness, I seriously doubt that a girl will reject you over that. Of course, try not to overdo it. Not all girls will respond for sure, but there are those who you will intrigue that way. It's just an assumption, but considering your shyness you're probably quite deep thinker as well. Try to express intelligence and deepness to a certain level but not too much. I don't think girls are shallow, but they do put emphasis to emotional rather than intellectual side. So, when you approach girls try to not hold to only one point of the conversation and jump over topics without getting too deep in anything. That will send a signal that you are a well-rounded person who does know when to stop. Then you might give her a subtle compliment that you enjoyed the conversation and find her views interesting and would like the idea of getting together in a cafe or somewhere and talk more. Express interest in what she does and tell her that for quite a while you wanted to learn something about what she finds interesting but never had a chance to get to know it from the first hand. She will likely accept because you're not pretentious, but deep down girls know to feel that you're actually are attracted to her. They like subtleties and if you don't play along you'll never go past gate #1 :) If she does accepts don't rush and say that you think Starbucks sounds great but ask her how can you get in touch with her and offer choices (don't just ask for the phone number) by asking her what would be the most convenient way to get in touch. Then you can say I'll email you or call you or whatever she gave you to find out when is the best time for both of you to go somewhere. Don't forget to say that you are very content to actually meet her. Sound enthusiastic and avoid desperate staring at her! Tell her that you will call her tomorrow. If she says ok or doesn't say anything then CALL HER TOMORROW, not the day after and not the same night! Wish her a good night or whatever is suitable for the time of the day you met her. Retain politeness and facial distance during your conversation, but try to subtly lean towards her from time to time during the conversation. Girls are such body-language readers and they're not even aware of it. I shouldn't even say but neutral breath and very light cologne are a must. You never know if she actually likes the scent you chose last time you shopped for perfume. Don't let that put her away from you. Frankly, girls are quite complicated and like in those puzzles you have to deal with many many pieces if you want a whole picture. Don't give up because most girls are caring enough not to give up on you just because they don't like a detail about you. We men often underestimate women. They ARE capable of accepting us the way we are. But they want us to show them that we are actually flexible enough and caring enough to bend our norms, interests and personality just for them. Each girl wants to feel special and if you show her that, then your image, talks and social status is the last thing they pay attention to. Of course there are girls who will only date rich guys, beautiful guys or whatever, but I doubt they are your type anyway :)

I hope that I gave you at least some valuable info. If there's redundant stuff I said, I apologize.

I wish you good luck with your new hobbies :)