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Rough times with boyfriend [crapload of text] (13)

9 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-04-12 00:03 ID:UUW+vdG8

I agree with >>2, >>3, and >>7, the rest of you suck.

Guys have this thing missing from their brain that keeps them from "figuring out" anything, even from someone they love. I know it'll be tough just simply talking to him about it, but guys prefer it if you just say it out loud. If he thinks you're being stupid or if he gets angry at you, then I don't think he was really worth the trouble after all if he can't even understand how you feel even after you tell him.

And just so the guys know, the reason a lot of girls do "irrational" things like that is because if you figure it out on your own, we'd know that you'd have been doing it more out of love than guilt.