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Friend's Boyfriend (12)

12 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-04-17 23:36 ID:XADYPVOo

damn...relationships like this shouldn't exist!!

anyways...back to Riles' problem. how long has this guy been "in love" wit you? It must of been a long time. sure, i feel u dat u don't want 2 hurt ur friend...and i'm not quite sure da reason 4 not thinking a relationship would work out (it's not like ur gettin' married da next day), but if attachment is da issue...then realize one thing: if u kno him so well as FRIENDS, and u still like him...just experiment. Practice makes perfect in this case.

Though, look deeply into ur soul first b4 makin' dat step. Though u said that you "like" him...r u willin' 2 c ur friend hurt? i'm sure u heard of da sayin' "everything has a price." i kno u don't like 2 hurt da ppl u love...but in da case this starts 2 eat u up inside...STOP THE BLEEDING AND GO FOR HIM!!! i'm sure ur friend would understand...eventually...