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GF talking about other guys in fron of me (31)

14 Name: Cookie Monster : 2008-04-23 06:42 ID:y3r3wxuH

Dude, I say lay down the law!!!! w/ your woman, just kidding...

if your girl friend is talking about other guys like that, she is a hypocrite girl who thinks of herself as a gentle person who would never hurt someone else... therefore, she probably has been dropping other hints about you not being the right person for her, and apparently you must have been a very dense person... and now she's resorting to "Look at that guy!" tactic.

if thats not the case, well she's a ho... and you can't turn a ho into a housewife... jokes aside I don't agree with 9 at all..

hmm i don't remember this happening to me with my girl friends, hmm well one of them was my best friend before we started going out so she used to try to screw with my head why i pissed her off by talking about other guys but laughter or some other sign that it isnt serious always followed..

but one thing you can always do in any situation with girls who are fickle by nature is to keep your composure and don't ever overreact b/c women are fickle and its their nature

peace and eat more cookies