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GF talking about other guys in fron of me (31)

16 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-04-23 20:43 ID:ze1mS+zP

personally.. i don't think this is something to worry about.

I don't think his gf is interested in the other guy or anything.

If she just mentioned his looks, well she might think that he looks great, but it just seems like a comment more than anything else.

It's not like you see a pretty girl on the street and you want to be w/ her and dump your girlfriend!

I think if she's open enough to talk about your friend being hot; then she's assuming that you're open-minded enough to just listen to her w/o being too sensitive.

I wouldn't confront her or anything and tell her how uncomfortable that makes you feel-- cuz she'll be so careful w/ her words being with you-- and that'll just ruin the time you guys have together. Like what others said, just go along with her.