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GF talking about other guys in fron of me (31)

21 Name: Bradley : 2012-03-06 22:37 ID:SH3X1Pm3

Well, what a comment above all.

What if a girl who isnt really your gf but every now and then sleap together with you, but talks to other guys blokes fellas on skype msn yahoo messenger or what so ever etc. How do you deal with this kinda girl who actually makes you thought you're the one for her, but the next day she sleeps with someone elses without letting you know or pretend shes busy out somewhere, or could be dating another guy either online or outside on the street or even making up anything to try and avoid ignore ya for the day or night, when you know you are supposed to be at her place but she wont let ya? etc

She's not a whorse or either bitchies or sluts. Just a divoced woman living with a kid without husband, and she enjoyed chatting online that she would talk to anyone from anywhere within any other places in the world, as long as she could handle the day of her own spare time. etc so on so forth.

Wouldn't that be little more than just weird do you think? A woman want you to sleep with her, but than she talks to other guys online on messengers while you knew exactly what shes off to or doing, but the real thing is, she doesnt seem to be care that she might say this to you "it doesnt matter, or none of your business to concerned" etc, she also might said you can do the same as me find another girl to talk to I dont care at all.

That just too .. .ohh dear or dear .. goodness me .. cant help. I cant explain more in detail than this for the day, theres alot more to this ... .

To be continue on soonish.. .

Any advices or suggestion??
ta ta