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GF talking about other guys in fron of me (31)

24 Name: Bradley : 2012-03-07 16:00 ID:9l+LMSlm

Well,To: >>21 and everyone!!

I agreed to what you're trynna said there, but the whole thing and the situation is really as just as weird as you possibly could already imagine. Think again, A girl want you to sleep with her, but when every time I am at her place/house. She goes online carefully and privately talk to other guys from msn or yahoo skypey whilist I am in her house doing nothing except kept sitting there or lying there wondering who she might be having conversation with etc.

What shxt me is that, every time when she talked to someone she kept mentioning about how dirty the other guy is/was, and she doesnt delete them but instead she told me how long they've been met online since, and I just couldn't work out why she doesnt delete instead of keeping it etc?? that weird dont you think so??

Man, what could really get worse is that she hide it from herself or when I am not near or around her, that she goes online talking to other guys, I mean how do you deal with that?? she's not a slutty bitchy for sure nor neither a whorse. But that really pissing me off in the head that she kepts talking to shitty's like that and telling me how bad it was.

What else?? exactly, leave her alone is one big thing, but can you really live without having her cute smiley face everyday though?? its hard isnt it, when you like someone but you dont really wana give up just as it is, how can you simply give her away to someone elses that easily dude?? I cant just walk out and say thats it, Im out. It's not working mate, no . .

any ideas or suggestions?? please indeed anyone everyone

Peace out, life can only be one meserable thing, that life is hard to understand sometimes.

Regards!! Cheers mate.