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GF talking about other guys in fron of me (31)

26 Name: Bradley : 2012-03-07 16:12 ID:9l+LMSlm

Sup anyone and holla to everyone here. .

Why is this website kept saying wrong vertification codes?? I entered so many times, but the thing just kept bloody popping up saying its wrong vertification codes?? damned.. felt dodgy for this, cant even stop wengging about it.

it gets bit paranoid when you entered the correct vertification codes but you just cant get through it, how can this?? anyone can tell me this??

On your screen see that column with VERTIFICATION: and yeah exactly enter the words you see on there, but it doesnt work straight away sometimes?? I've been entered so many times finally get through it. its stucked sometimes or lagged jammed??

Refresh the captcha doesnt help much either, wait for bloody long 60 seconds, what do we get?? nothing?? its all the same thing over and over again.

Can anyone fix this or anyone cum acrossed this situation as well before?? man same shxt different dayz really is. farkz me!!

Peace mate peace out.
Regards cheers mate!!