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GF talking about other guys in fron of me (31)

28 Name: Bradley : 2012-03-08 15:52 ID:uoOStr/4

TO: >>26

well, how can you have more clingy than is already is. we shall remain sticked to the way as it is, and yeah, I totally agreed with ya saying there, that you mentioned about just tell her let her know walk out and finding another women isnt that hard to do so. But the truth is, do you or yourself ever realised that finding another women could be a bad thing, compared to the previous ones!!?? cuz the reason why I am telling you this, its becuz, after you walked out, you might not wana return again or she might not let ya forever and never. Then that the time you gonna get really real harsh feelings and harm feelings and harms. How can you get clingy and riddance??

I cant figure out a way, but you're right of what you're saying there, I totally have no comments there. Good thinking mate, thumbs up anyways.

I personally believed that, the old sayings are: its plenty of fishes in the sea not just one. That really make bloody hell of sense dont you reckon??

For almost every relationships, theres always walk out's and stay in's. You can only choose one for sure. Other than that, after walking out that door, there no returns, and if theres a return, things might get either worse or complicated and hard to solve with problems and issues.

Man walk out is really the way, keeping out from troublesome stay out issues.

Regards mate.
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