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GF talking about other guys in fron of me (31)

29 Name: Bradley : 2012-03-08 16:09 ID:uoOStr/4

Alright here the thing:

earlier I did mentioned about myself meeting a weird women that I couldnt even work out what on her mind, but things sticked and remain the same as it is fortunatelly.

For crying out loud, I would like to ask anyone one of yous here or whoever is reading this, feel free to give us any advices or which ever on your minds. Just drop your ideas and advices will do.

Regarding to the question about "Womens", I've cummed acrossed one recently, shes like just got broked up with another guy last year or wasnt that long ago, something like 2011 somewhere like that!! Anyways, now I met her she met me, what we do is sleep eat drink piss up and downs, you know the routines for everyday living, that you got up and eat drink sleep etc.

But she is often online chatting with guys especially during night times or when I am not around. She doesnt share much about who shes talking to, acting quite normal but little bit weird. That she would turn you into other things when once she started to realised she has done something aganist or wrong to you. How do you deal with this kinda thing??

I know my questions is bit hard to understand, but Im trying to do my best for asking for supports, cuz myself are in the situation right now, you know, she kepts me not just curious or wondering, but when I gotta work during the day time, she is at home the whole day doing her own business. Now, lets say if she did met another guy online during the previous night, she would've managed the time for the next day after I left early in the morning. Well then, if this does happen, what do you do then?? IM ONLY GUESSING HERE, cuz I cant tell whether she does or she doesnt, its a hard thing to say and tell. lets say it does happend, what do you do to make the whole entire situation better?? without. .. what your say about this??

The other thing is, what would you people reader's recommend me to do?? any advices?? the story is pretty long, but I am not going into every details in bits and pieces. . its too much and this page wont even fit.

Reply first then will continue on or stuff like that ..

Cheers mate bro!!