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GF talking about other guys in fron of me (31)

31 Name: Bradley : 2012-03-11 12:31 ID:T68s2e0O

Ohh well, another day just past by, things arent really get into the way we really want. what else can I say??

Man, being with a ladie isnt a easiest thing sometimes, she want me to do everything for her, if its not working than she then will be pissed off or even get mad. I cant figure out how the personality between me and her. But things seems not getting the way we want sometimes.

shes one of the kind like no any other. I cant explain more than this, it is just sometimes pissing me off in the head where I couldn't work out what is really on her mind that makes her attitude going mad. it is okay for her to do what she likes to do, but then it is not right for me to do what I wanted to do?!! how can this work?? I cant see anything from this. Its so bloody terriable so mad. not cool man.

Can anyone tell me, what will you do if you live with a lady like she got strong attitude and almost everything she has got a opinion in them? how can you live with a lady like that?? I mean it is not working, and if it does work, things wont go our ways. I dont stand on top of someone because of this and that to get more advantages out of someone you know.

So can anyone help me on this kinda thing??

thanked and plaesed!! Cheer mate.