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A complex situation... (15)

10 Name: Tsunderekko : 2008-05-02 07:27 ID:dhNWqro5

>>7 I caught this reply right as I was leaving!

It -is- nice to have a kindred spirit. It's really funny because I began to see my relationship progression as a 'tsundere' act as well. I was for a long time standoffish and uptight about a lot of things, but after a while these emotional outbursts included random words of affection. I have no idea what came over me with this girl. Tsunderes unite! ^^

I, also, found this person to be the only really true close friend I've ever had. Even though I was used to being alone prior, I can't bear that thought now. If you were able to break off contact, I should try as well... don't count on it being a success though, heh. Your words have given me strength, I'll do my best!

(I changed my name! What do you think? w)