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A complex situation... (15)

8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-05-02 07:12 ID:dhNWqro5

>>5 It was a silly thing really, they always are really trivial. I had txt messaged her a couple times asking where she was and what was up and she didn't respond to anything until she came home the next day. No real reason either, just because she 'didn't feel like it'. A simple thing, but she tends to lack certain considerate actions like that.

>>6 I had a feeling I'd be told these things, and I'm sure I've been avoiding them. I'm worried that if I break off all contact, she'll drift away and want nothing to do with me anymore. Lack of contact has killed a lot of my friendships. I would really like it if it could 'bring us closer' as friends eventually, as you said. I guess I'm just scared at the chance it may do the opposite...

I know I've got to get over how I feel, I just haven't found the way to do it yet. Everytime I try and hold off I just come slinking back again. I'm really pathetic. o| ̄|_

OP is tired now though, and has a Japanese midterm tommorow. Thank you for listening to me. Updates as 'self rehab' progresses, I guess?