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What are we doing? (57)

35 Name: CinemaGirl : 2008-05-30 01:31 ID:OJexHNZ4

We went to the cinema again.
But before I explain what really happened (or what didnt happened), I think I ought to explain how we ended up in the cinema, so you can understand a bit better our friendship:

I was at this class I really shouldn't be in, because I had no work donne to show, so actually I was merely...stalling.
He (let's call him Indy, since we went to watch Indiana Jones today). So

Indy sent me an email saying he was skipping that class, that he was going to the cinema, and asking me if I was into it.

I said I wanted to, but I couldn't just leave the classroom like that. (I need to explain our classroom system: you sign at the end your presence, on the book. so basically many people skip the class and signs later, because some teachers dont seem to care)
I could ask someone to sign for me, but the problem was leaving the classroom as if know...
So I sent him a message saying that I just didnt know how to leave the room unnoticed (btw, the classroom is really big and has tons of tables and people are always coming in and out, but my case was, I was a girl all dressed up (with a college band uniform, which is quite...eye-catching) and I couldnt leave the classroom with my pack and all that without the teacher noticing).

Indy's answer was:

"Try getting out the classroom by the door. I think that if you jump out the window, the teacher will surely notice."

He's mocking of course. We do this a lot. Use sarcasm like way of having fun.
So I totally lost my mind (I really wanted to spend time with him) so I pretended I was making a phone call (we're at college. in my country, my college and this subject, teachers dont really mind if you go out the class without warning for lunch or phone calls or bathroom. its a class where you work your ideas for projects and all, and its a 4hour class, so they wont keep you locked all that time.)

Back to the point, I pretended I was making a phonecall (made sure my pack was well hidden beneath my band uniform cape) and just....disapeared. Went to meet him and we went to the cinema.

Now comes the real story:
(writting in a new thread)