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What are we doing? (57)

36 Name: CinemaGirl : 2008-05-30 01:45 ID:OJexHNZ4

Ok, so, he payed me the cinema (I warned him before-hand that I was short on money, but he still insisted me to come, that he would borrow me the money) ---> Although I must say that he would do this for anyone, he's this nice to everyone.

So we get to the cinema nearly on time, we missed like, 30 seconds of the beggining. Still...

We went to our reserved seats, which were near this couple, but he said as the room was quite empty, we could pick our seats and have nicer position of the screen.

So we did.
We sat at the middle. Almost isolated. Excluding this young teenage couple that was on the back row.
So we watch the movie.
Like we always do...silently and making mocking commentaries about the film, etc...
But around 1/5 of the movie, the young teenage couple behind us (let's call them the Sucky Couple, you'll soon understand why) begun obviously making out. Believe me, we could hear them. The sucking sounds and all. Which obvioulsy was a bit awkward.

At least for him. I was feeling quite frustrated. Couldn't stop thinking about us doing the same. BUT I JUST COULDN'T throw myself at him like that. I should say something before. But I got my throat all dry and my tongue stuck. I nearly said anything the whole movie.
Anyway, still during the film, and I could swear it was after another "sucking sound", Indy stared at me, was about to say something, I asked: "What?" and he said, like, 5 seconds after: "Nothing" and went back to the movie.

I should've insisted. But i let it pass, stupidly.
Anyway, I know this might sound a bit whori-sh of me, but as I'm sually dressed casually, everyday I wear casual trousers and jumpers and all, today i was wearing the band uniform, which consisted on a skirt and all that fancy stuff, I could swear, well maybe not, that he might've stared a bit at my legs.

I mean, in the interval the lights went on again and I noticed the skirt was a bit too up than it should.

Sounds so silly saying this here...maybe because it might only be my imagination.

Anyway, really close to the end of the movie, I was really frustrated and really considered doing something. Mainly because there was this line at the ending of the movie (dont worry, no spoilers) that said something about...time wasted always regret...well it included those words and it sure was a huge sign for me to go ahead and tell him how i felt, but I didnt,
the movie ended, we both caught the same metropolitan, he went out on a station before me and I felt like shit for 2, 3 hours. Than I had the band practice so I was a bit distracted.
But I still feel a tad depressed.

Im a coward.