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What are we doing? (57)

53 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-04 03:51 ID:A1Vz+rdl

Well...I know there's things other than work/school/homework, but for me those are primarily sleep, cooking myself dinner, occasional Touhou related stuff (playing the games, archiving story threads, etc.), and trying to squeeze in a round of TF2 every so often. The only thing I have resembling free time is on weekends, and even then only after 2PM since I like to sleep in. I'd like to do the park/garden thing, but in 95+ degree weather nobody else is outside, heh. I'll try that one when the weather cools down! Any suggestions where could I get info on weekend activities that are free, indoors, and preferably require minimal driving?
Oh and while I'm at it, how does one start conversations with complete strangers? "Hi" only gets so far before awkward silence sets in, and somehow I don't think "Well I wanted to start a conversation because I found you attractive" would make for a good conversation starter, heh. [I usually wait for others to start conversations, then things seem to go fine.]