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What are we doing? (57)

7 Name: CinemaGirl : 2008-05-23 11:18 ID:nbHMTiLL

Yes, I've always considered that he isn't into me because he treats me like everyone else. But the thing is, I treat him as everyone else too, it's not like I've gave him any sign.
Perhaps he's too afraid of a rejection and is waiting for me. That's my positive irrealistic thinking.

The thing is, I would never confess to him. Not that my feelins aren't real. They are, but I guess I?m too afraid of a rejection and that stuff between us get's weird and awkward, and god knows how we enjoy spending time together. I make him laugh, he makes me laugh. But then I supose that's just it right?

I dunno what I'll do....but confessing isn't an option.