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Best First Date ideas(?) (6)

1 Name: LookingForIdeas : 2008-05-22 22:01 ID:LF1JZ+bh

ok, so, im just wondering what yall think:
-what would good first date ideas be? im talking something original and, dare i? innovating. the whole 'dinner and a mvie' thing seems to...cliche' and not 'swoop her off her feet' to me.

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2 Name: anonymous : 2008-05-22 22:07 ID:RiTjB1LH

If "swooping her off her feet" is your objective (which is very sweet, btw), then your ideas are quite good. But first you have to find out if she's really into sports and prefers having an afternoon of fun with you or if she'd rather prefer a more intimate and less public date.

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3 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-05-22 22:22 ID:3A1SpwyL

women want 2 things on a date. to be fed and to have fun. complete those and you're sure to unlock the 'she likes you' achievment.

my current gf is a gamer. so i took her out for sushi, and then to a LAN center. if she was athletic i may have opted for paintball or something. go by what you think she'll like, i suppose. good luck

4 Name: Looking ForIdeas : 2008-05-22 22:24 ID:LF1JZ+bh

well, i was just talking about dates in General. the girl i likes right now is realy into basket balle, so i might get tickets to a big game or something....

but just in general, i think this would be a cool place to put a myrad of ideas.

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-05-24 04:11 ID:30UNoY3W

definatly figure out what kinds of things she really likes to do anything can be fun of you make it

aka. i spent two hours with my best friend stalking people around the mall and trying not to have the people we stalk notice we are stalking them.... its hilarous and makes for a great time.

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6 Name: lookingforideas : 2008-05-24 17:45 ID:Ubasn2p/

pretty easy going. but i dont think the stalking idea is one ill go for- but sounds like something intresting if you are dating that sorta person XD