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WTF Is His Problem (23)

1 Name: Total Confusion : 2008-06-01 06:52 ID:lJIliP5f

Ok so any advice, espesially from the male set would be great!!

so last summer i worked out at a camp and met this great guy, we talked all the time and hung out alot, and were even a little flirty. and i ended up developing a bug time crush on him. then the summer ends and he heads of to Europe for 6 months, the first 3 months are great and we are talking all the time.uses phrasing like miss you too, love you more. or ending letters with love you. Then the fourth and 5 month we dont talk at all because he goes into countries he cant get at the interweb from. month 6 we are talking and he says how excited he is to hang out again, its going to be great cant wait to see me.

then the week he gets back i hear nothing... second week nothng,... which i figure is fine he needs time to settle in. I got out 45 min to visit him during week two after we finally get in touch, and i basically feel like i got ignored the whole time. and on top of it he gave my back a bracelet i had made him that summer, saying we wanted me to have it cause it had been all over the world with him. but in my brain at the time i was thinking.... WTF i gave that to you. i ended up crying and he asked if i was i told him no i just wasn't feeling good that day.

then came the total silence... we have talked maybe.... 4 or 5 times in the last two months, down from the 4 -5 times a week like before.

Then he comes out to the camp and i am working at with some mutual friends. and its not like he didn't know i was here because i told everyone and had notices posted on my webpage. so he shows up and while it is a little awkward at first we fall right back into what it was like before... hugging and flirting, and laughing and being losers.

i thought that i was finally over him after i hadn;t heard from him in forever but now him showing up and acting like he did before makes my heart hurt so bad!!

WTF is going on with him??