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WTF Is His Problem (23)

21 Name: Total Confusion : 2008-06-09 05:42 ID:0h6cZoNI


i recently made friends with a mutual friend of the guy i like, and she and i have been talking alot since we met. turns out she has been pretty jilted in the past year. So her way of cheering herself up is to find a new guy to like. The problem is she THINKS she likes the same guy i like, but not only that she also like THREE OTHER GUYS!!! and she is flirting with all of them!!

Number one this totally pisses me off, who "LIKES" four guys at the same time, one of the others being the guy i likes brother. and she is flirting with all of them. plus she seems him about 80% more then i do!!!

What the hell do i do?? i am not ready to pop the statement yet!!!