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[long-distance] hmmm (2)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-02 11:34 ID:xegtC0NZ

i've been in a long distance relationship with this guy for a couple of years now, and i still love him like absolute crazy, even though we haven't met because we're both broke.

still, i dunno, i wish i could have someone here with me. it gets fucking lonely sometimes. especially because stupid timezones and i can hardly ever talk to him other than at shitty times in the morning. i hang around sometimes wondering if i could get involved with someone here, but i never want to, because (a) no one compares to him (except for this one person that i could never have, but thats another post i guess) and (b) i don't want to upset him (even though we both agreed that because it had been so long without any prospect of a meet, it was ok if the other got involved with someone at home)

2 Name: PK : 2008-06-02 16:49 ID:UEPc+oGS

If you endure the lonliness, then I'd imagine your relationship would become stronger when you both finally meet again. Social psychologist argue that we (humans) love those whom we suffer for.