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Getting a YES answer more easily(?) (8)

1 Name: lulz : 2008-06-08 20:47 ID:lHpl7pq7

so, theirs this girl (lol, wow, original eh?) that im pretty into...
but i hate regection. it sucks. generally, being the shy person i am when it comes to dating, i wait till i know if their intrested or not.

were ok friends, and i want to ask her out...but i dont want a 'no' answer. i dont even know if shes thinking of dating atm, but i want her TO if i ask.

so heres the deal- what is the best thing you can say/do to get that first date? such a cool/nice/different/intresting way that they'd practically couldnt say no?

i realy dont want to be the dude who just randomly 'hey, you want to go get something to eat friday'...
unless thats a good way to has before for me, but only to people i know allready would say yes...
thanks in advance :)))