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Do girls have it easier, or do guys? (32)

1 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-10 03:09 ID:DoE417zF

Guys come up to me all the time and complain about how much easier it is for girls for a lot of things. One of them even specifically told me, "Except for periods, girls have it really easy." I got really mad at that and ended up having a large debate with him on whether the social pressures on men and women were unbalanced or not.

Now, this has me wondering, how many of you actually think girls really have it easy? I can tell you a hundred reasons why it is NOT easy to be a girl, but I want to know everyone's opinions. Think of it as a little survey.

So, tell me what gender you are, which gender you think has it easier, whether on terms of romance/attraction or of just life in general, and why you think that is.