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Do girls have it easier, or do guys? (32)

11 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-10 18:29 ID:DoE417zF

OP here. I seemed to have sparked another heated debate. It wasn't exactly my intention, only to see what others thought, not trying to change anyone's views. As such I had refrained from stating my own opinion at the beginning. >>9, the only issue I presented was the "period" deal and that was siding with males. Other than that, anything else in this thread was entirely NOT me. And I am most definitely not looking at only my own perspective, since I'm here right now trying to see what others think about this. Most of my friends are men, in fact, and since I listen to their complaints everyday I was more than inclined to agree with >>2, who stated my beliefs exactly.

>>9 also writes only in terms of relationships, and fails to consider the severe social pressures on females as well as men. Sure, men are pressured to have a lot of sex and a lot of girls, but just as much women are expected to not say a word about anything; if any sexual relationships are revealed at all, that girl would be considered a slut and a whore. Women aren't expected to perform well in bed because they shouldn't be doing anything in the first place. I do agree with you in a lot of what you say (except for women having erratic, illogical behavior) but when you say that you look at the situation generally you end up siding entirely with males and hardly any look at what females have.

tl;dr: It doesn't really matter whether you read what I said or not. I would still like to see everyone's opinions with an unbiased view, so please continue.