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Do girls have it easier, or do guys? (32)

5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-10 13:11 ID:FVdVSqvL

Some counterpoints:

Women get maternity leave so that they can take care of their child and recover from CHILDBIRTH. Men aren't expected to bear children, they don't spend 9 months being pregnant, all they have to do is spit out the seed.

Female has greater chance to get the children in a divorce because a female is always expected to take care of her children, even if they're a financial burden. Men have no such obligations in society when it comes to their children, they can get a girl pregnant and just leave her. Sure, there's child support, but sending a check every month or so (and that's assuming he doesn't dodge it) which is nothing compared to the mental/emotional tasks of raising a child. If a young woman gets pregnant without being ready for a child, it ruins her entire life. Men can just fuck and leave.

People don't care if a man earns more because even in this day and age men STILL have higher salaries than women.

Guys who sleep with a lot of girls = stud, player, cool asshole
Girls who sleep with a lot of guys = whore

Women are pressured to be thin and pretty. In media, men act and women appear - that is, a man is defined only by what he does and a woman is defined by her image, her appearance. A woman's value is linked to how good she looks. ( I could elaborate on this further but it's tl;dr)

I don't disagree with many of your points, 43, but it's not like omg girls have it easier.