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Do girls have it easier, or do guys? (32)

9 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-10 16:22 ID:H2sqyWHK

OP i feel that you are only looking at this from your own perspective. There are tonnes of other females out there that would think differently on many of the issues you have presented.

I would like to talk about the perspectives from males in general, and the general pressures we have both sexually, socially and in relationships.

Firstly, in relationships males have no power. They constantly seek out the womens approval; they seek a nice looking mate, engage in flirtatious behavior in order to see if she responds in a positive or negative way (seeking approval). Traditionally men do all the work in relationships; we make the first move, we arrange the first date, we propose, we (traditionally) do the work to get the income etc. Although this is true, in todays changing society there has been what I think is a positive trend where it has become acceptable for women to do this also. They can now work and initiate the first move etc, however i believe there is much more pressure on men to do this than women.

My second point is that in relationships women seem to want to be with asshole men who treat them like shit. I'm sure that many of the people in this thread have heard of the term nice guy (which was mentioned earlier). "Nice guys" are apparently what women want. Women tend to whine and complain to their male friends about how bad their boyfriend is and how they should break up with them but never do. This is erratic illogical behavior. Meanwhile, the nice guy listening to all of this bullshit will be sitting there as the women describes a man she would want to be with, which fits the "nice guy" persona. Also erratic and illogical behavior. This is cannot explain but it has frustrated genuine guys to no end and thus i see it as an unfair pressure in todays society for men and thus put it in this post.

I might also like to add:

>A woman's value is linked to how good she looks.

and the size of a man's penis determines (to an extent) how well he performs in bed.

Sexual pressures on men today are immense both from male peers and female partners. Guys from their teenage years are expected from their male counterparts to get sex and women. If they don't however, some are seen as losers who cannot get a girl regardless of what other psychological issues may be in place. Also, in teenage years it is fairly obvious that all males get into conversations about the length of their penis. Having a small penis in comparison to other males is very daunting at this age and the social pressures that arise can cause serious problems regarding psychological impotence (another thing i am about to talk about). My point is, women aren't judged on the size of their vagina, and it seems that the fact that men are judged on the size of their penis is extremely unfair; it is something that we have no control of.

Another point is impotence. Pressures to perform well in bed are other issues that men of ALL ages face. Unlike females who just have to lay there and take it (if she is particularly boring in bed) males have to get an erection. In most male lives they will come to a point where (due to unknown psychological/physical reasons) they will be unable to get an erection. This is extremely frustrating and embarrassing for men and can lead to further problems such as "performance anxiety". Performance anxiety is a disorder where due to psychological problems regarding previous sexual mis-performances there is too much pressure on males to perform well in sex and thus it prevents them from having erections. This can continue for a long time. In some cases therapy is needed to cure it.

Speaking of erections, sometimes unlike in the cases above, men can have unexplained random erections in any situation. This is also very embarrassing and frustrating for males as you can imagine. Unlike females, we cannot hide it when we are aroused.

tl;dr: males have it unfair in the categories of sex, social pressures and in relationships.