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[Dilemma] Help! I can't get him out of my head! [Obsession] (36)

1 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-15 05:09 ID:Fvfbf2CF

So, I'm not the type to fall in love easily.

At least I think so. I've had crushes before but it's nothing like this. I have never felt this way before, not about anyone. I spent my whole life seeing other people get hurt by their feelings and decided I wanted to avoid that, but aparrently avoiding it wasn't enough.

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2 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-15 08:24 ID:b0cDJhlX

>>Shit, I think I'm in love.

I stopped reading here.

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3 Name: 43 : 2008-06-15 08:39 ID:QYfylwoO


Alright, as male I can advice you to make your move soon, if it works = great, if it doesn't then you'll stop feeling the way you do towards him. I'm not saying it will instantly fade away but the feeling will start going downhill. So the sooner you tell him the sooner you'll get rid of the anxiety.

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4 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-15 13:53 ID:Fvfbf2CF


I didn't mean I'm not sure if I was in love with him, I just have reservations with the word 'love', it's tossed around a lot.

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5 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-15 14:16 ID:T+T/gDdG

Do not make a move. Let this find a quiet place inside you where it may die in peace. Soon he'll leave right? Consider that a blessing.

Imagine what you're feeling now, explode it up 10 times with all the sweetness in the world, then just take it all away in an instance and replace all the room it took inside you with cold hard nothingness, which will endure for anything between 3 months to well over a year.

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6 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-15 14:21 ID:Fvfbf2CF


>I can advice you to make your move soon, if it works = great, if it doesn't then you'll stop feeling the way you do towards him
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7 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-15 14:52 ID:Fvfbf2CF


My head realizes that could happen, but my heart won't fess up. I can't think which is worse- if it actually works out and he's secretly abusive and everything his ex girlfriend said was true or if I say nothing when there could have been something that worked out wonderfully.

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8 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-15 16:40 ID:T+T/gDdG

There comes times when just any attention will seem like heaven compared to where you are, and you'll reach out for any safe bet you can find.

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9 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-15 17:27 ID:f+WO76Yj

call doc phil

10 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-16 10:08 ID:Fvfbf2CF


>Take this oppertunity and let them die, and realize these are just phases and don't mean anything.
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11 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-17 01:38 ID:T+T/gDdG

There's no such thing as luck. Get ready to eat a lot of scrambled eggs for a while

12 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-17 02:55 ID:Fvfbf2CF


It's a very good thing I like scrambled eggs, but I might need to put that on hold for a little while because I didn't see him all day.

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13 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-18 02:39 ID:Fvfbf2CF

I told the friend everything I need to get off my chest and she didn't realize how clingy she was being and how she's stay away from him etc. For some reason I don't think she's sincere, but it's good that we're on speaking terms again, it's a bridge I will burn when I get there.

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14 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-18 18:46 ID:9pkjmEsn

I feel bad for that other guy. Really bad.

Doing your best (even if seeking a bit of validation) for a girl you love and seeing her flutter away for some guy who doesn't care about anyone's feelings and cheats and whatever (and that, however fun, nice or cool he might be) really is hard on the nerves and the heart.

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15 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-19 00:44 ID:Fvfbf2CF


I never really thought about it that way, but I figured we'd never get past the first date.

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16 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-22 18:05 ID:Fvfbf2CF

After a lot of thought and introspection, I realize that a relationship between mean and him would never work out, no matter how hard we tried and I probably would have gotten rejected which would have led to some unhealthy post-crush/rejection binging involving a whole tub of fudge ice cream and marathon of Lifetime movies. Instead, I will put all my support behind my friend (the one who also likes him) no matter what choice she makes and I'll try to remain friends with the guy who likes me and go no further. Maybe I can take all the energy used in liking him to get interested in something else-like archery, something constructive before I become depressed and spend the rest of my summer sulking.

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17 Name: TT : 2008-06-22 18:51 ID:RlLpTsH0

I think you are just like your friend. Both of you are just afraid of getting hurt. Think about the guy who actually likes you, doesn't he afraid of getting hurt, too? Ask yourself why do you need someone so bad.

18 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-22 21:34 ID:T+T/gDdG


Figure out how to like the other guy and be with him instead.

19 Name: 43 : 2008-06-22 21:55 ID:AgM2eufU


The whole point in confessing to him was to get rejected and get over it faster, wasn't it?

20 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-23 00:27 ID:Fvfbf2CF


Around the time when I first started liking him, I realized that I was ready to stop being so protective of my feelings and open up to others. I even considered actually dating, but that was pretty much it. Then our mutual friend said someone liked me and I couldn't figure out who it is and she wouldn't tell me. I started to like him but only a little bit and then I felt like I was really ready to try dating and the relationship stuff and a month later I said I would be willing to date this mystery guy, but decided I'd rather not know to keep from making any preconcieved judgements.As the days passed I became more impatient and started wondering if it was him, I mean he was always nice and friendly to me and flirted a little, so maybe he was the one but I didn't want to know, because if it were him or anyone else I saw it'd probably get awkward, but to make a long story short I found out it was someone else THROUGH MY LITTLE SISTER. Fun. I agreed to the date before I knew it wasn't him and I didn't want to back out because of that. I was annoyed at the fact that I needed to make all of the moves to even set up a date and I didn't realize it was because the guy who liked me was afraid to get rejected like I was.

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21 Name: TT : 2008-06-23 06:58 ID:RlLpTsH0

I think it's better be with someone you care. Otherwise this won't be fair to each other. The same is true on the otherside.
Well, the more you think about it, the more you drive yourself into a deadend. Can you be honest to yourself if you don't want spending your summer grieving?

22 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-23 08:23 ID:QAN0Xp2M

Take control of yourself. You say yourself that he's "emotionally insensitive", "not worth it", and "leaving soon anyways". Everything in the world that reasonable is telling you to not do it. Look at it from the other side: "Why should I approach this guy?" Are you going to betray all of your cognitive faculties, just because you got a "feeling"?

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23 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-23 20:15 ID:Fvfbf2CF

Damn, I did wall myself into a corner and start laying bricks and I didn't even realize it. Looking back with semi-clear head it seems kind of stupid. I don't think I can keep sulking any longer wihtout it really fucking up my life even though I wonder what could have been. So now, I'm going to try to find other things do and get out a little more instead of walled up in my room in pathetic teenage lament.

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24 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-24 05:05 ID:Fvfbf2CF

I just talked to the guy who likes me (dammit I should give everyone names, just to keep track of everything. You know what, I'll do that right now) just called up and asked if we could do something over the weekend. I told him that I had to make sure I was doing anything over the weekend (I'm not, but I half heartedly hoped he'd give up). I was kind of eh through out the whole thing like I was when we went on the date, but now I'm thinking about just letting him down easy but still remaining his friend/aquaitance. Inb4 YOU TOTAL BITCH.

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25 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-24 15:17 ID:0qQGKpry

i say give the glasses boy another chance, you did promise a second date. if it doesn't work out then tell him & cut him out of your life for now so he can move on. you can be friends when he's over you.

26 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-25 01:53 ID:Fvfbf2CF

I'll try, but he brings up this irrational fear that I'll spend the rest of my life making sandwichs for ungrateful kids and getting fat if I go out with him. I'll give him the summer to prove me other wise.

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27 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-06-25 02:18 ID:E8ZHSVhz


>irrational fear
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28 Name: TT : 2008-06-27 01:31 ID:RlLpTsH0

Well, if you married someone who doesn't really care about you, in such a course, you will still become a desperate housewife. I agree with >>27, rather give both of the boy and yourself a chance to develope a friendship if possible. Losing a friendship over a crush is just not worth it. This is the same to the one that you fall for, if you actually know both of them better, you might look at them differently. In both cases, you can make decisions yourself that the best for you. Be yourself and good luck!

29 Name: Anonette : 2008-06-27 13:12 ID:Fvfbf2CF


Both very good points, now if I could get him to stop thiking about me romantically, I forsee a very beautiful friendship.

30 Name: TT : 2008-06-29 04:05 ID:RlLpTsH0

um... how was the date?

31 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-07-01 05:22 ID:JIT5JaRU

My brain is kind of melting, but it's not related to your blogging
Yesterday, I felt like going for a walk, but I knew starving to death takes too long, it's possibly a huge bother. So I went to bed, and when I woke up I was all fresh again. However, it doesn't make me happy anymore. Things that make me happy these days, it's nothing you can pursue. Happiness is a fickle thing

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32 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-07-01 12:35 ID:tS3jFKqB

>Moreover I think you should just tell... "CB", that you want his seed inside you, have him fuck you and if that concepts some kind of pity for your emotions within him, so that he takes you as his cockwrap for however long it turns out, you can be obliviously happy for a time under heavy pheromone-inducement, until desensitation let you catch up with all the flaws the new situation has presented you, and a feeling of disatisfaction will start to grow until it eventually overtakes whatever affection is left, and you can no longer endure out of principles and morals alone -of which you're already lacking as I can tell, then you'll realize you've "grown apart", and if this happens before he in turn has grown weary of you for similar reasons you can at least maintain that you were too good for him, rather than you being undesireable. But in the end it's hard to say which would be prefferable over the other, for a number of reasons
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33 Name: Anonette : 2008-07-05 07:08 ID:Ni1KuHbi


Ow, the sarcasm, it burns

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34 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-07-05 22:26 ID:JIT5JaRU

It's the fact that you're all like "oh lawd here's mah stupid teenage drama omg no one prolly cares but lol imma gonna write dis newai, in b4 gtfo lawl". What's this board for, who comes here to do what? You make excuses, belittling what you want to share yet you write a damn fucking lot. What are you, compulsive, insecure beyond measure? Not aware that this is 1. the internet and 2. a board actually intended for personal rants?

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35 Name: Anonette : 2008-07-05 23:51 ID:Ni1KuHbi


Part of me wants to believe it's really not that big a deal like everyone's been telling me (cough Loli) and I think it's seeping into my posts. I'm trying to analyze everything and it get it out of my head which leads to ranting. It's not very constructive and I realized that. And being a smartass is only half the fun of being human.

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36 Name: Secret Admirer : 2008-07-08 10:02 ID:Heaven

>I should probably post this where someone would give a shit like LiveJournal

Oh ho. e/n is e/n wherever it's posted.